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Aug 17
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The new album, Worst Of Jennifer Rostock, can now be pre-ordered from Amazon, JPC, EMP, and iTunes! The first three offer the regular digipack (the album and the instrumentals for the first ten tracks), as well as the limited edition box set – which includes the album, instrumentals, party hat, party horn, photo booklet, photo card, and t-shirt. If you live in the US, you’ll have to go through either or JPC, as #WOJR is not available in the States just yet.

The final four songs on the album were actually already available; Liebe BILDWähl die AfD, and Neider machen Leute (Version 2017) had all been released on Facebook over the past couple of years, and Keine macht den Profis was released to anyone who donated to Jennifer Rostock’s 2016 fundraiser.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Alles Cool (It’s All Cool)
  2. Flaschendrehen (Spin the Bottle)
  3. Schockverliebt (Love at First Glance)
  4. Dschungel (Jungle)
  5. Polarmeer (Polar Sea)
  6. Wenn ich dein Gesicht seh, denke ich an meine Faust (When I See Your Face, I Think of My Fist)
  7. Weltbilder (Pictures of the World/Worldviews)
  8. Haarspray (Hairspray)
  9. Schlaflos Pt.3 (Sleepless Pt.3)
  10. Die guten alten Zeiten (The Good Old Times)
  11. Liebe BILD (Dear BILD)
  12. Wähl die AfD (Vote for AfD)
  13. Neider machen Leute (Version 2017) (People Make Haters)
  14. Keine Macht den Profis (feat. Grossstadtgeflüster) (No Power to Pros)

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